1998Formed partnership with Warren G. Trepp to form eTreppid
Sept 11th, 2001After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 eTreppid were awarded contracts with DOD, USAF, CIA, Dept. of Homeland Security, and other US Federal Entities.
2002CIA and DOD approach eTreppid they expressed an interest in various surveillance technologies owned by eTreppid
2003Montgomery builds the first version of HAMMER as a foreign surveillance system for the CIA
2004eTreppid was awarded another surveillance contract by DOD, CIA, USAF, DHS
2005Beginning in 2005 Dennis Montgomery became aware of the fact that the CIA & NSA were using the eTreppid Foreign Surveillance system to spy on United States civilians, members of the Supreme Court, thousands of federal and state jurists, members of Congress, public figures, religious leaders, and others.
Jan 6th, 2006Dennis Montgomery decided to separate himself from eTreppid Technologies and Warren Trap
Feb and Mar, 2006The FBI applied for a received search warrants for Dennis Montgomery’s house and storage units
Aug. 29th, 2007During eTreppif litigation the Director of National Intelligence filed a motion asserting on behalf of the United States a state Secrets Privilege. In response on August 29th, 2007 the entered a protective order that prohibited certain discovery in the eTreppid litigation.
Jun. 6th 2008Montgomery was ordered by the federal district judge in Reno NV to go to the DOJ building in Wash DC and meet separately with two groups a SCIF.IN the first meeting Montgomery met with DOD, AF, DIA, attorneys and personnel. They claimed all my prior work had been validated and wanted to move forward in contract.
Sept. 8th, 2008Montgomery and Trepp settle their cases against each other. Montgomery begins his business relationship with OpSpring later called Blxware
Sept. 9th, 2008eTreppid Litigation officially terminated by dismissal of all claims and counterclaims
Jan 13, 2009Blxware contracted with US intelligence community to continue their prior work where eTreppid left off but this time to work at a new facility at Fort Washington Md. under the direction of James Clapper
Feb 3rd, 2009HAMMER Supercomputer moved to Fort Washington Maryland
Mar. 4th, 2010The FBI and DOJ raid the offices of Montgomery’s attorney Liner Law Firm without a search warrant or any probable cause. They illegally seized millions of pages of attorney client privileged documents and communications, us government communications, election data collected in FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs, including election surveillance and tampering proof. They seized documents and electronic media reflecting voting machine vulnerabilities to hacking exploits. Voting machine manufactures communications and intellectual property that were hijacked by the US government FBI/CIA/NSA numerous times over the years using Montgomery’s foreign and domestic surveillance system. At this time they also seized the IP Montgomery had designed that was used for these surveillance programs.
Nov. 18th, 2010The US gov’t sends senior DOJ attorney Carlotta Wells to Montgomery’s deposition in a Bankruptcy proceeding hearing. Ms Wells asserted a right for Montgomery to testify on certain matters that were covered by the protective order issued by the Reno NV court.
February 19, 2011Hiding Details of Dubious Deal, U.S. Invokes National Security
2013Montgomery notified no less than 17 federal agencies that the Obama administration was conducting domestic illegal surveillance pg 30 of 506
2013Comey testifies to Congress that there is no Domestic Surveillance which triggered Snowden to leave.
Sept. 2013Carl Cameron of Fox News Montgomery agrees to interview regarding FBI/CIA/NSA Domestic Surveillance programs including election surveillance and interference. They filmed Montgomery using his computer running domestic surveillance programs. Montgomery hacked into voting machine manufacturers and their equipment with ease. His agreement for the interview was for him to receive a copy of the entire interview which to date has never been provided.
Oct., 2013A second Fox news film crew run by field producer Robert Shaffer of Seattle Wash. returns to Montgomerys to film more domestic voting interference and voting machine vulnerabilities. They recorded Montgomery once again using his system to expose election network vulnerabilities in various Sec.of states including but not limited to Florida, Georgia, and Arizona.
Nov. 15th, 2013Maricopa County Sheriff’s office approaches Montgomery on identity theft information regarding Maricopa County residents. He provides the Maricopa Country 50 hard drives as part of this investigation. During a court proceeding related to this matter senior DOJ attorney Raphael Gomez seizes those 50 drives from the Maricopa Sheriff asserting States Secret privilege.
Aug. 3rd, 2014Montgomery meets with federal judge Royce Lamberth in his office in the Federal Court House in DC. To present and discuss
Nov 13th, 2014Drake and Wiebe were intentionally not provided all the facts about Montgomery mistakingly accusing Montgomery of being a fraud. They all agree the letter would have been considerably different if provided all the facts. (Kirk Wiebe, William Binney, Thomas Drake)
Aug 2015Montgomery flies to Miami with 53 drives and when he arrives 6 are missing
August 19, 2015DM “induced” to turn over 47 hard drives
Dec 3rd, 2015The FBI verifies the 47 hard drives and Montgomery receives greater immunity. Montgomery interviewed at SCIF in Wash DC (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) 600 Million pages of documents if stacked 30 miles high
Dec 20th, 2015American Report publishes 10 bullet points directly exposed by Whistleblower Court Audiotapes
December 21, 2015DM interviewed by the FBI
December 21, 2015DM informs FBI that Trump was spied upon
March 2017DM Apple account hacked by CIA
Mar 4th, 2017American Report sends a tweet to Trump to notify him the CIA Whistleblower Montgomery said they had spied on him a “Zillion Times”
Mar 4th, 2017Trump accuses Obama of spying on him at Trump Tower 72 of 506
Mar 5th, 2017Adam Schiff immediately issues a press statement calling Trump’s wiretapping claims “Baseless”
Mar 7th, 2017Wikileaks dumps CIA Valt 7 which confirms the existence of HAMMER (HAMR) 72 of 506
Mar 19th, 2017Gen McInerney breaks the story about court ‘Whistleblower Tapes’ 72 of 506 Fanning’s Book
Mar 19th, 2017Peter Strzok and Lisa Page exchange evening text messages concerning Montgomery and Klayman 129 of 506 Fanning’s Book
Mar 20th, 2017Comey triggers Russia Hoax story
May 14, 2017Larry Klayman interviews DM
Mar 19th, 2017Strzok and Page Text pg 37 of 506 Fanning’s book
Aug 17th, 2018Brennan on MSNBC “We put together a Fusion Center at CIA that brought FBI and NSA officers together with CIA to make sure those proverbial dots would be connected.”
Aug 4th, 2020Sidney Powell calls out Brennan on Fox Biz Channel about Fusion Center and Hammer.
Oct, 26th, 2020Email correspondence between Montgomery’s attorney and the DOJ attorney Greg Adington. Addington states that the protective order placed during the eTreppid litigation “Remains in Place” to preclude disclosure of the categories of information and related materials described in the order, based on the circumstances giving rise to the order.
2021Montgomery agrees to convey certain assets to that he developed and acquired for eTreppid and Blxware to Mike Lindell Management